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My Honey Be Sweetz Yo

Posted: 2011EAMR +0000March GMT+000011AM J+0000511 in Uncategorized
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J-UNIT in tha house yo.

Ok for realz. Check it.

Yo we been having mad lulz at Japan up here in tha Gangstas Workers Paradise yo.

But the J-UNIT be worried that if that punk ass nuclur reactor blow its ass up, then what be left of Japan to lol at when wez be taking over that punk ass joint in a couple of years time?

So check it.

It be tha K to tha J to tha muthafucking U cominatcha with a plan yo:

Oh yeah.

This be proletarian science at its finest right here yo.

This be North Korean anti-radiation honey made by North Korean anti-radiation bees.

I ain’t punking you punks neither. Check it:

Special virtue, y’all.

So here the dealio. You want some of this shit, you be letting tha MORNINGSTAR G. know yo.

Simplez yo.