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Finally the J-Unit be getting his props, yo.

All around the world the Choson Nigga Number 1, the 4 Star Muthafucking G be on the front page of newspapers and websites and shit.

Everyone be like, “yo, who this nigga styling in the black like Darth Vader, yo?”

But some muthafuckas gotta be hating, yo.

Some muthafuckas gotta be spreading lies and shit about the Brilliant Comrade, yo.

Like that chump ass round eye faggit Evan Ramstad from the Wall Street Journal.

Nigga be saying the J-Unit all “chubby cheeked”. Check it:

Chubby-cheeked and unsmiling, the younger Kim wears a dark suit that looks similar to his father’s well-known khaki track suit.

LOL, amiright? Chump ass faggit don’t even know I’s rocking tha FUBU Fat Albert brand business apparel.

And chubby-cheeked? Get real, nigga. I had a Snickers in my mouth when they took my picture, yo. Even some skinny ass wirey mutafucka – like my nigga Snoop – even Snoop be looking all chubby-cheeked and shit you snap that nigga when he got a Snickers in his mouth, yo.

Fuck these dumbass round eyes.

I mean, do I talk shit about Ramstad? Saying he a dumbass round eyes and bald and wearing glasses and shit?

He look like my science teacher from back when I was in Switzerland, yo. Except that nigga had better fashion sense, you feel me?

But is the 4 Star G talking shit about Ramstad?

That nigga be hating but I got one love for all the Round Eyes, yo.

Cycle of hatred not gonna get a nigga nowhere. Just ask my dead ass nigga 2Pac about that, yo.

– K to tha J to tha muthafucking U checking out.


Wot up, niggaz? DPRKim Jong-Un comin’ at cha.

So we be chilling and waiting for the Third Extraordinary Meeting of the Korean Workers Party to get going, yo. We just hanging out rocking Star Craft with Team Kim Jong-Un and smoking up, when who be calling?

My sandnigga Gamal Mubarak, son of Big ‘Gyptian Hosni Mubarak.

Check it. Gamal be visiting this here Workers Gangsta’s Paradise a few years back when these chumpass Gyptian sandniggaz we be paying to renovate the worlds biggest and badassest hotel in Pyongyang was being dicks. They be all like “show us you got the money before we do the work, yo” and we be all like “we good for it, nigga, we good for it. Get back to work, yo.”

So Gamal, he come out here to sort that shit out, yo. Maybe explains why the hotel never got renovated, but there still be much love from the Master Race for Gamal. Nigga know how to party, know what I’m sayin’?

So Gamal be having a hard time back in Egypt with sandniggaz getting all up in his shit about taking over from his dad. He want advice, yo. So I tell him what I learned from that movie with the upside down dreams and Leo DiCaprio and Juno and shit – you gotta be your own sandnigga, yo.

If muthafuckas gonna fuck with you, you gotta lay down the law, dog. I be like, Gamal, you gotta ask yourself one thing, yo: What Would 2Pac Do?

He’d fuck those sandniggaz up, yo!

Here be some 2Pac remixed Big Pimpin’ fo’ my Big ‘Gyptian, yo.

Big love to the National Democratic Party of Egypt, yo.

Lemme run something by y’all this one time, yo.

We all know that I be taking OVER this nigga we be calling the D to tha P to tha R to tha muthafucking CHOSON NIGGAAAAA!!! on Sep 9, yo?

So I be getting my inauguration party together. Those round-eye Yankee chumps they get big parties and shit.

Why not the master race, yo?

So I be getting my plan on, dog. For real.

Dad still kinda butthurt about that thing with the dancing monkey over grandpa’s face so I be wanting to run this shit by you before I take it to him. Major Choe, he be my right hand nigga, but he still be sleeping off this epic Chronic he be trading some nuke shit with the hairy ass sandniggaz for. He no good.

So here what I be thinking, yo.

To open this mother fucker up have this poster all big:

That weed, it be all lit up and shining and shit. See weed be symbolizing new life and shit being all green and shit. Plus it shows that we be the cool ass Corea, not like them fucks down in the south.Fuck those chump ass punks.

Then we got this mad shit, yo. Check it:

These be the KARA JUCHE CAT bitches. Man that is so fucking hot. I be making my self so fucking hard when I be thinking that shit all up.

We have this bigass disco ball that actually be the real ass Choson symbol, see. It be real big, though. Big like a soccerball. Then we be having these KARA bitches be all singing and shit.

And they be dressed like cats.

Then we be having the main event.

It be my nigga. My nigga Soulja Boy.

He be coming out and doing this like medley of tributes to ALL my dead ass niggaz.

2Pac mostly, but my gramps, Kim Il-Sung, too.

He be joined by Snoop if tht stoner ass muthafucka Choe be awake in time to get his ass over here.

Soulja Boy be down. We be tight. He my nigga. He not let a nigga down, yo.

Then I come out at the end of all that and do this banga joint that I be working with Timbaland on, yo.

He say it be ready in time for Sep 9, but not before then, and we can’t release it or post it or nuthing because it gonna be the theme to EA NBA 2011.

They don’t make that shit for my SNES, yo. I played it one time at the mall when we went to Tokyo and it be ok. It ain’t Super Mario SNES, yo. You think Mario let his brother fuck that Princess? If I be him, I say no way. No way I be letting that junkie Jong-Chul or that old fuck Jong-Nam be fucking my bitch, yo. They get their own bitches.

Then when I give my shout-outs to ALL the niggaz deserve mad props, that be when we be seeing this, yo:

Ha ha. You be all like NIGGA WOT?

That be the new flag, yo.

It basically the old one, but it got some weed on it. It be reprsenting new life and shit.

So what you think? Shit be cash? I don’t wanna tell my dad yet and I gotta check with Major Choe but I be pretty sure this gonna be one wild ass meeting of the Korean Workers Party, yo!

– Mad props, homiez.

My Niggaz

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These are my niggaz right here.

Fuck Jong-Nam and Jong-Chul.

Pussy asses.

I wanna party with these hardass niggaz.

Man, if these muthafuckas were on my Star Craft II team we would fucking dominate.

Bitches love that shit, man.

And you know what else, dawg? No UN mothafuckas ever fucked with these hardass nigga muthafuckas neither, man.

Yeah. These are my niggaz right here.

Also 2Pac.

Big love to my deadass nigga 2Pac. For Real.


– Jong-un