Yo yo yo yo!
Check it out, check it out!

This is Kim Jong-Un.

Tha 4 STAR G, y’all.

Original Black Asiatic Man comin’ atcha.

The K to tha J to tha muthafucking U checking in.

It’s tha Morningstar General, yo.
B-boy wit his finger on the button.

How you like my crew? They be the Korean People’s Army, yo!

Life ain’t nuthin’ but bitchez and juche.

I’s also into weed and Star Craft and basketball and songun.

When I ain’t fucking bitches and stacking mad bills, yo.

Add me on Myspace, bitches!

Peace-out, y’all. One Love.

– Jong-Un.

  1. FUCK YOU says:

    WTF IS THIS SHIT??????????? a north korean black man? HAHAHAHAHAHAH
    learn how write first … you got that? Yo?


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