Posted: 2012EPMR +0000April GMT+000016PM J+0000716 in Uncategorized

Ch ch ch ch ch chek it out yall!

The K to tha J to the muthafucking U be checking in 4 da 1st time in crazy mad time!

They got me workin my ass off up here and you aint been hearin tha ruckus that punkass rocket Unha3 been kinda fucking shit up for us.

Still shit be _1love_ yall and we be getting ready for some crazyass shizzle up in dis DPRKizzle in the next few weeks you be watching this space yall!

Anyway tha Brilliant Comr@de just dropping by to BIG UP ALL MY N!GGZ on tha day of tha sun!

Chek it it 1000 years since my grampz Kim Il Sung be being born. That shit crazy man. We going up to Dandong tonite to be getting MY FREAKZ on!


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