Can Tha Supreme Leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea, State and Army of the DPRK Kick It?

Posted: 2012EPMR +0000January GMT+000017PM J+0000417 in Uncategorized

Yes I can.

Check it the kids got mad love for tha F to tha U.N.K. that tha J-Unit be laying down. They be smelling what tha Original Blak Aziatik Man be cooking for realz homez.

He approached the students with tears in their eyes and patted their red cheeks. He warmly took their hands, kindly asking why they did not wear gloves in such cold weather.

Shit yeah.

I bes all like: Nigz wot wot yall?

Little punk asses gonna freeze they punk asses all off if they don’t wear they gloves. You ever seen a nigga DJ when he lost his hand through frostbite?

Way to kill a party vibe no hands.


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