WTF Is Nepal Yall?

Posted: 2012EPMR +0000January GMT+000016PM J+0000116 in Uncategorized

Serious dawgz if anyone be enlightening tha J-UNIT on this shizzle rite hizzle I be owing you massive pizzle u feel me?

Check it. Some dude be telling me the newspaper says I be some member of the Nepal Journalists Club nao for some reason.

But WTF Nepal Yall? That what I need to know.

Is Nepal a bitch or some dude or some shit like that? Who this nigga think he is yo?

No one tell me nuthin yo.

U be thinking I ain’t nuthing but some chumpass figure head b all up here because some bullshit lines we be running all this time about the Kim family bloodline an shit the way my niggaz be leaving me all outta shit.

I mean who da dear successor yo?

I mean for realz dawgggg lets get this shit sorted u know?


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