Who’s The “Gifted Songun Brilliant Commander Of Mt. Paektu Type” That’s A Sex Machine To All The Chicks?

Posted: 2012EPMR +0000January GMT+000016PM J+0000616 in Uncategorized


U damn right.

And who’s the man “who most perfectly personified the temperament and traits as a modern statesman and strategist on the highest level”?


Can ya dig it?

Who’s the cat that’s a “tender-hearted father of the Korean people and the sun of the destiny whom they will follow to the end of this world”?


Right on!

This cat Kim Jong Un is a bad mutha-

Shut yo mouth!

But I’m talking bout


Then I can dig it!


(Also, I wanna give MAD PROPS to my CHOSONIGGAZ from Unit 387o of the K to tha P to tha muthafuckin hella A yall for some of the tastiest muthafucking bean paste the J-UNIT be tasting in years yall. That some tasty shit right there for realz. And Jong Nam you fat ass chumpty — how often the newspapers be reporting on you be eating some beanpaste yo? NEVER that be how often and you know why? Cos you a nobody Jong Nam you just a big punk ass nobody and nobody gonna buy that bullshit book you published either so you can kiss tha J-UNITz ass yo.)


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