Kwangbok Area Supermarket Can Kiss My Ass Yo

Posted: 2012EPMR +0000January GMT+000016PM J+0000316 in Uncategorized

So P-Town bes all abuzzn about this new supermarket be opening.

Check it. It all computerz an shit:

So I send my nigga Private C-Dawg down there to pick me up some Diet Pepsi.

But check it. Guess what they be sellin him?


I be all like……. o.O

Nigga WOT!?!

Where you even get that shit from these days yo?

They don’t even supposed to be making that shit nomore after all them lab rats got ass cancer or whatever in th 90s.

Seriously there be some wack shit going on all up in this DPRMuthaucka.

  1. Hey brilliant comrade, what are you going to do about this fake-ass punk-ass dumb-ass chump-ass parody Twitter account of you?

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