lol at Akihito yo

Posted: 2011EPMR +0000March GMT+000013PM J+0000313 in Uncategorized

Yo riddle tha J-UNIT this one yo.

Why Akihito’s head be so big yo?

I be seeing that punk on the internetz talking about the nuclear reactor and shit and I be like

……..nigga wot?

This punk be for real?

I know he meant to be some like superhero and shit in Japan.

His seed be all pure and shit.

But for real the MORNINGSTAR G be kinda weirded out by this old nigga yo.

He make pops look normal nearly.

One luv y’all.

///The Fresh Prince of Pyongyang outta here///

  1. stevo says:

    its massive it was very entertaining to watch, bloaty head syndrome maybe I don’t know? Good post mate!

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