Tha J-Unit be kinda uncomfortable yo

Posted: 2011EPMR +0000March UTC13PM J+0000613 in Uncategorized

Ok check it yo.

Up in this DPR muthafucka we be pretty used to h8rz be h8n on tha master race yo.

We be all about la raza if you be feeling me on this one.

And it be true that me and pops be having our differences.

But still.

Yo. I mean wtf yo?

Yo that shit right there just be making a nigga all uncomfortable.

Like that time pops made me watch porn with him.

That be reminding me – yo Japan you be hiding tha tentacle porn before tha Americans be arriving to save you punk ass?

Lol at Japan yo. That be what you chump ass punks be getting for instituting a decade of unprecedented industrial muthafucking development on tha Korean peninsulaz between 1935 and 1945 that be laying the sweetass groundwork for post-war economic development that be culminating in tha D to tha P to tha R to tha muthafucking K’s proletarian science nuclear programme that be gonna fuck all you punks up and whatever the fuck knock-off Jap shit they be making down in Chump Corea too yo.

Serve you punks right amirite?

Yo anywayz, so what?

It me like my round eye nigga Cooley be sayingz yo. Dear Leader may kneel but he neva bend over.



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