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This Shizzle Ain’t No Game Yo

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All tha 4 STAR G’z niggaz in tha house sayz HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Yo. Check this shit yo. This be making my day.

Wot be that yo?

That be tha future nigga.

That be tha Korean Democratic Gangstaz Paradise flag flying on tha Walt Whitman Bride yo!

O Captain my Captain!

Wot thoughtz I has of u 2nite, nigga!

I love that shit yo!

It Homefront nigga.

It like this computer game about tha FUTURE yo.

Man that shizzle be so awesome yo.

Check it. Pops dies and tha J to tha K to tha muthafucking U be reuniting tha muthaland yo.

Prolly by marrying some those k-pop bitches from SNSD yo. Then we be invading Japan. And then we bes invading the USA.

Nigga that shizzle ain’t no game.

That shizzle be tha future.


My Honey Be Sweetz Yo

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J-UNIT in tha house yo.

Ok for realz. Check it.

Yo we been having mad lulz at Japan up here in tha Gangstas Workers Paradise yo.

But the J-UNIT be worried that if that punk ass nuclur reactor blow its ass up, then what be left of Japan to lol at when wez be taking over that punk ass joint in a couple of years time?

So check it.

It be tha K to tha J to tha muthafucking U cominatcha with a plan yo:

Oh yeah.

This be proletarian science at its finest right here yo.

This be North Korean anti-radiation honey made by North Korean anti-radiation bees.

I ain’t punking you punks neither. Check it:

Special virtue, y’all.

So here the dealio. You want some of this shit, you be letting tha MORNINGSTAR G. know yo.

Simplez yo.

lol at Akihito yo

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Yo riddle tha J-UNIT this one yo.

Why Akihito’s head be so big yo?

I be seeing that punk on the internetz talking about the nuclear reactor and shit and I be like

……..nigga wot?

This punk be for real?

I know he meant to be some like superhero and shit in Japan.

His seed be all pure and shit.

But for real the MORNINGSTAR G be kinda weirded out by this old nigga yo.

He make pops look normal nearly.

One luv y’all.

///The Fresh Prince of Pyongyang outta here///

Atomkraft yo!

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Yo ch-ch-chek it out y’all.

Niggaz be all up in tha J-UNIT’s shizzle at a Workerz Party meeting tha other day about the Korean Proletarian Nuclear Science bidness yo.

They be all like, Yo! BRILLIANT COMRADE! It be safe to be continuing with our Korean Proletarian Nuclear Science bidness wit all that shitz wot be happens to Japan yo?

And we be all like, yo lol at Japan yo!

And then I be like, chillax nigga. Tha K to tha J to tha muthafucking U gonna regulate this muthafucka for real. Like my nigga Warren G if you be feeling tha MORNING STAR G old skool yo.

So then I be telling them like this yo —

Yo feeling me now?

Yeah y’all be feeling me now.

Tha J-Unit be kinda uncomfortable yo

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Ok check it yo.

Up in this DPR muthafucka we be pretty used to h8rz be h8n on tha master race yo.

We be all about la raza if you be feeling me on this one.

And it be true that me and pops be having our differences.

But still.

Yo. I mean wtf yo?

Yo that shit right there just be making a nigga all uncomfortable.

Like that time pops made me watch porn with him.

That be reminding me – yo Japan you be hiding tha tentacle porn before tha Americans be arriving to save you punk ass?

Lol at Japan yo. That be what you chump ass punks be getting for instituting a decade of unprecedented industrial muthafucking development on tha Korean peninsulaz between 1935 and 1945 that be laying the sweetass groundwork for post-war economic development that be culminating in tha D to tha P to tha R to tha muthafucking K’s proletarian science nuclear programme that be gonna fuck all you punks up and whatever the fuck knock-off Jap shit they be making down in Chump Corea too yo.

Serve you punks right amirite?

Yo anywayz, so what?

It me like my round eye nigga Cooley be sayingz yo. Dear Leader may kneel but he neva bend over.