You just a punkass punk, Nathan Schwartzman

Posted: 2011EAMR +0000February UTC10AM J+0000610 in Uncategorized

h8rz be h8n yo.

This time it some punkass punk called Nathan Schwartzman be h8n on tha BRILLIANT COMRADE.

He be saying that I don’t know how to use binoculars.

Fuck you punk. I ain’t even gonna dignify that shit with some explanation because I got no idea when that shit ever happened yo.

For real tha J-UNIT been hitting tha chronic pretty hard these last few months. I’s lucky to be putting my pants on tha right way up some days lol.

You still a punkass punk Schwatzman. And you look like the Nepalese punk in Dandong I take my x-box to to get it fixed.

wtf yo?


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