This Why You A Punkass Punk, Jong Chul You Punkass Coconut

Posted: 2011EPMR +0000February UTC14PM J+0000414 in Uncategorized

Nigga you fuck up bad yo.

Not only you get caught on camera at a Eric Clapton concert in Singapore yo, you be getting laughed at by tha Chump Corea journalists.

Also – Eric Clapton what tha fuck yo?

You punkass round eye wanna be bitch.

Fuck Clapton yo.

He be stealing mad tunez from our Original Black Asiatic bro Bob Marley yo.

Fuck that round eye yo.

Show some love for you people you fucking chump ass coconut.

How you can waste your time following some wrinkled ass old round eye around when there be a bigass crisis in tha indivisible muthaland yo?

Nigga in case you not been paying attention tha greatest band ever about to be maybe breaking up yo!!!!

You need to check yourself foo.

This be why tha old man be appointing me as his successor even though he hate me yo – cos all my bros be chumps.

K to tha J to tha muthafucking U be checking outta here.

  1. .chorusI Spit Game Wit The N WordBrothers Make SlaNg for N Word SlaNgI SlaNg CaNe ANd Others ThaNgs for N Word SlaNgANd Lease Be The Blame for N Word NiggaYou KNow Me NiggaI DoNt KNow You My NiggaHeres What Must Go Through My NiggaGo Get With Ya Crew My NiggaTell Rush RouNd Here for I Do Yall NiggasCause Im Straight ChilliN My NiggaEx-coN Ex-dope Dealer My NiggaI AiNt TrippiN But Im ChilliN My NiggaANd I AiNt Scared Of NoNe Of Yall NiggasI Will CouNt My flow Right IN froNt Yall NiggasI Will Kill Ever ONe Of Yall NiggasCock My 45 ANd Go To GuNNiNg Yall NiggasI Will Ever ONe Of Yall NiggasNiggachorusDeuce PoppitoI Am Off Da My NiggaSmokiNg MarijuaNa IN The RaNge My NiggaGettiNg BraiNsReal Niggas Do ThiNgs My NiggasWe SpittiN flames With MotherfuckiN ThaNgs NiggaI Will Take It To Ya Whole Squad My NiggaWord To God My NiggaI Got ? To Da floor Let Em KNow Ny NiggaThats How It Go My NiggaIm Go Lock It DowN from The Door My NiggaThats fo Sho My NiggaANd I Got Ya Back My NiggaEverywhere I Go I Be StrapYou Bet My NiggaANd ON Top Of That Do Be A ?Its All Good You KNow I Got Stacks My NiggaWe Rob BaNks My NiggaANd We Are The ONly ONes SmokiNg StaNk My NiggaWe RuNNiN Through The Bitches That You CaNt My NiggafuckiN RouNd With Us We Will Leave You StaNk My NiggaNiggachorus 2xDeuce PoppitoWhats Up My NiggaIm Bout To Nut My NiggaBout To But The Gat To Ya Gut My NiggaWhats Up Im Bout Splash Me A NiggaBout Mash Me A TriggaIm Bout To Blast Me A NiggaYou ShouldNt Have Played With My Cock My NiggaIt Smells Like GuN Smoke My NiggaYou Bout To Bleed To Ya Death My NiggaTake Ya Last Breath My NiggaWhat You ThiNk This My NiggaI Will Slide IN Ya CribANd Put Six IN Ya Wig My NiggaThats How We Play My NiggaWith A Ak Hide IN Ya Driveway My NiggaYou CaN RuN But You CaNt Get Away My NiggaIm Go Let The Click Spray My Niggafrom The Shy To The Mia My NiggaSlip N Slide Niggas DoNt Play My Niggachorus..

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