I So Hungry I Could Eat A Muthafucking Horse. Gimme A Muthafucking Horse Yo

Posted: 2011EPMR +0000February UTC22PM J+0000422 in Uncategorized

Listen up chumps.

The MORINGSTAR GENERAL got major ass munchies yo.

And tha old man be saying it time to hit up tha round eyes for tha snacks.

Check it. It rain like a muthafuckr last year and that nigga be bringing me tha KFC from Dandong he just couldn’t get here yo. Or at least that what he be saying that lazy ass chump.

So check it help a J_UNIT out yo. I’s fucking starving up here – I’s down to my last bag of Milky Bar Easter eggs.

Shit be getting drastic like a muthafucker yo.


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