Shout Out To My Sad Ass Sandnigga Gamal Mubarak

Posted: 2011EPMR +0000February UTC12PM J+0000312 in Uncategorized

I been blogging ages ago about tha J-UNIT big love for my number one sandnigga Gamal Mubarak yo.  Even though his wife be hot tha Big Gyptian still got time to go out chasing hos with tha MORNINGSTAR GENERAL in Hong Kong yo. Between yo and me that be one Sandnigga got tha Yellow Fever bad boiiiiiiiiii.

But check it those uppity chump ass Gyptians be all talking shit about how they dont want my boy be succeeding his daddy yo. Check it — if Best Korea be talking that shit about tha 4 STAR G I’d kick they asses so hard my foot be coming out theys mouth yo.

Man those Gyptians even had to be turning off tha internet  to stop all that trash talk about they leaders. How those sandniggas gonna play warcraft muthafucka turns off the internet yo? That some bad shit right there yo.

So my sandnigga Gamal be all fleeing to London and shit.

So what up G-Unit? Why don’t you come stay with me man?

You can stay in the pool house at my recording studio – it be just like Will Smith in tha Fresh Prince yo. We get a pizza flown in from Dandong we get some hos flown in from Burma. We have a good time yo.



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