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You just a punkass punk, Nathan Schwartzman

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h8rz be h8n yo.

This time it some punkass punk called Nathan Schwartzman be h8n on tha BRILLIANT COMRADE.

He be saying that I don’t know how to use binoculars.

Fuck you punk. I ain’t even gonna dignify that shit with some explanation because I got no idea when that shit ever happened yo.

For real tha J-UNIT been hitting tha chronic pretty hard these last few months. I’s lucky to be putting my pants on tha right way up some days lol.

You still a punkass punk Schwatzman. And you look like the Nepalese punk in Dandong I take my x-box to to get it fixed.

wtf yo?


This Why You A Punkass Punk, Jong Chul You Punkass Coconut

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Nigga you fuck up bad yo.

Not only you get caught on camera at a Eric Clapton concert in Singapore yo, you be getting laughed at by tha Chump Corea journalists.

Also – Eric Clapton what tha fuck yo?

You punkass round eye wanna be bitch.

Fuck Clapton yo.

He be stealing mad tunez from our Original Black Asiatic bro Bob Marley yo.

Fuck that round eye yo.

Show some love for you people you fucking chump ass coconut.

How you can waste your time following some wrinkled ass old round eye around when there be a bigass crisis in tha indivisible muthaland yo?

Nigga in case you not been paying attention tha greatest band ever about to be maybe breaking up yo!!!!

You need to check yourself foo.

This be why tha old man be appointing me as his successor even though he hate me yo – cos all my bros be chumps.

K to tha J to tha muthafucking U be checking outta here.

I So Hungry I Could Eat A Muthafucking Horse. Gimme A Muthafucking Horse Yo

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Listen up chumps.

The MORINGSTAR GENERAL got major ass munchies yo.

And tha old man be saying it time to hit up tha round eyes for tha snacks.

Check it. It rain like a muthafuckr last year and that nigga be bringing me tha KFC from Dandong he just couldn’t get here yo. Or at least that what he be saying that lazy ass chump.

So check it help a J_UNIT out yo. I’s fucking starving up here – I’s down to my last bag of Milky Bar Easter eggs.

Shit be getting drastic like a muthafucker yo.

Big Ups To My Ausfalian Assange

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Check it yo.

Tha 4 STAR G be sending big ups to by banged up Ausfalian Julian Assange!

The J-UNIT got made love for that lily white nigga who be doing all that WikiLeaks leaking shit.

How else I find out that China be all talking shit about tha MORNIGSTAR G behind my back yo?


But chek it. Tha J-ASS be all in jail and shit for getting his rape on.

If tha J-UNIT be sent to jail for every time he be getting his rape on I be doing more time than my boy Dirty yo!!!

Anyway tha K to tha J to tha muthafucking U be believing my Ausfalian that it all be a plot by feminists and tha CIA.

Tha CIA be all up in my shit for mad years yo fuck those chumps yo.

K to tha J to tha muthafucking U outta here yo.

Stay strong J-ASS don’t be no PUNK ASS yo.


Shout Out To My Sad Ass Sandnigga Gamal Mubarak

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I been blogging ages ago about tha J-UNIT big love for my number one sandnigga Gamal Mubarak yo.  Even though his wife be hot tha Big Gyptian still got time to go out chasing hos with tha MORNINGSTAR GENERAL in Hong Kong yo. Between yo and me that be one Sandnigga got tha Yellow Fever bad boiiiiiiiiii.

But check it those uppity chump ass Gyptians be all talking shit about how they dont want my boy be succeeding his daddy yo. Check it — if Best Korea be talking that shit about tha 4 STAR G I’d kick they asses so hard my foot be coming out theys mouth yo.

Man those Gyptians even had to be turning off tha internet  to stop all that trash talk about they leaders. How those sandniggas gonna play warcraft muthafucka turns off the internet yo? That some bad shit right there yo.

So my sandnigga Gamal be all fleeing to London and shit.

So what up G-Unit? Why don’t you come stay with me man?

You can stay in the pool house at my recording studio – it be just like Will Smith in tha Fresh Prince yo. We get a pizza flown in from Dandong we get some hos flown in from Burma. We have a good time yo.