The English Prime Minister Be All Emo And Shit Yo

Posted: 2011EPMR +0000January UTC17PM J+0000417 in Uncategorized

Ch-ch-check it out yall. Tha BRILLIANT COMRADE been all learning about foreign leaders and shit yo.

I be learning that Sarkozy be tha President of France and Merkel be tha President of Germany.

And that all tha leaders in Africa be looking tha same to me.

And that there be this country called Canada.

Unfortunately nearly none of these leaders that the J-UNIT might be meeting at diplomatic shit in the future be being bitches. Also very few of these bitches be tha kind of bitches that the MORNINGSTAR GENERAL be into which makes me think I better be sticking with my music career maybe cos Ke$ha be hotter than Merkel yo.

But check it; who dis emo fag yo?

who dis emo fag yo?

who dis emo fag yo?

Tha K to tha J to tha muthafucking U gotta be schooling all you punk ass wannabez yo. Check it. This the Prime Minister of  England yo. He be call Phillip Blond yo. Check it. I seen some pretty fugly ass world leaders and shit yo but check it even if tha J-UNIT be pissing off pops and be sent to jail and shit and have to share a cell with this punk for like fiddy years yo even then no way would I hit this shit yo. Ok maybe but only in like 2043 or sum shit yo.



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