Tha Brilliant Comrade Done Had My Heart Broke For Tha Last Time Yo

Posted: 2011EPMR +0000January UTC18PM J+0000318 in Uncategorized

This my message to the Best Corean football team yo.

Fuck all yall punk ass losers.

Tha J-UNIT be sick of making excuses for you clowns yo.

For real. I be catching all kinds of shit from chumps be txting me during Warcraft games and Halo and shit about how shit yall are.

Fuck all yall making tha BRILLIANT COMRADE be looking like a chump for defending you all and saying how you aint gonna lose to a bunch of sandniggaz again.

And fuck all yall for making me lose all my Warcraft manna that I be betting against Gold_boss1997 yo.

Man you punks are fucked once you be getting you punk asses back to tha muthaland yo.

Except for my nigga Jong Tae-Se I got made luv for that nigga.

  1. DJ MocKracy says:

    Oh well, you must be happy at least that your cousin Kim Clijsters has prevailed over the Chinese down under.

  2. KIM JONG-UN says:

    Yeah but she my fugly ass cousin yo. Serves China right for talking all shit about tha J-UNIT though. Who even be playing tennis though yo? That a sport for tha white devils except for my bitches tha Williams sisterz and my nigga Michael Chang. Tha ORGINAL BLAK ASIATIC MAN says tennis go fuck itself yo.

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