Chump Corea? Ausfalia? Hope You Punks Both Lose.

Posted: 2011EAMR +0000January UTC01AM J+000051 in Uncategorized

Check it, tha J-Unit’s two worst countries that aren’t that punk ass China that be all talking smack about tha Brilliant Comrade be playing the football tomorrow in the dessert.

Chump Corea can suck my dick yo. You fake ass Coreans suck ass.

Ausfalia just a joke yo. They don’t even be belonging in Azia yo.

They just Round Eyes yo. Asia Cup for tha original Aziatic Blackkk man yo.

Yo fuck those h8rs I aint even gonna watch that shit yo. I just be playing Halo and watching Glee.

Yeah fuck you faggitz the K to tha J to tha muthafucking U be loving on that shit yo.

I wish Mr Schu be my pops yo. He’d never call me no punk ass and say I be the antithesis of Songun.


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