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The English Prime Minister Be All Emo And Shit Yo

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Ch-ch-check it out yall. Tha BRILLIANT COMRADE been all learning about foreign leaders and shit yo.

I be learning that Sarkozy be tha President of France and Merkel be tha President of Germany.

And that all tha leaders in Africa be looking tha same to me.

And that there be this country called Canada.

Unfortunately nearly none of these leaders that the J-UNIT might be meeting at diplomatic shit in the future be being bitches. Also very few of these bitches be tha kind of bitches that the MORNINGSTAR GENERAL be into which makes me think I better be sticking with my music career maybe cos Ke$ha be hotter than Merkel yo.

But check it; who dis emo fag yo?

who dis emo fag yo?

who dis emo fag yo?

Tha K to tha J to tha muthafucking U gotta be schooling all you punk ass wannabez yo. Check it. This the Prime Minister of  England yo. He be call Phillip Blond yo. Check it. I seen some pretty fugly ass world leaders and shit yo but check it even if tha J-UNIT be pissing off pops and be sent to jail and shit and have to share a cell with this punk for like fiddy years yo even then no way would I hit this shit yo. Ok maybe but only in like 2043 or sum shit yo.



Tha Brilliant Comrade Done Had My Heart Broke For Tha Last Time Yo

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This my message to the Best Corean football team yo.

Fuck all yall punk ass losers.

Tha J-UNIT be sick of making excuses for you clowns yo.

For real. I be catching all kinds of shit from chumps be txting me during Warcraft games and Halo and shit about how shit yall are.

Fuck all yall making tha BRILLIANT COMRADE be looking like a chump for defending you all and saying how you aint gonna lose to a bunch of sandniggaz again.

And fuck all yall for making me lose all my Warcraft manna that I be betting against Gold_boss1997 yo.

Man you punks are fucked once you be getting you punk asses back to tha muthaland yo.

Except for my nigga Jong Tae-Se I got made luv for that nigga.

Chump Corea? Ausfalia? Hope You Punks Both Lose.

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Check it, tha J-Unit’s two worst countries that aren’t that punk ass China that be all talking smack about tha Brilliant Comrade be playing the football tomorrow in the dessert.

Chump Corea can suck my dick yo. You fake ass Coreans suck ass.

Ausfalia just a joke yo. They don’t even be belonging in Azia yo.

They just Round Eyes yo. Asia Cup for tha original Aziatic Blackkk man yo.

Yo fuck those h8rs I aint even gonna watch that shit yo. I just be playing Halo and watching Glee.

Yeah fuck you faggitz the K to tha J to tha muthafucking U be loving on that shit yo.

I wish Mr Schu be my pops yo. He’d never call me no punk ass and say I be the antithesis of Songun.

You Still A Punk Ass Punk, Evan Ramstad

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Tha J to tha K to tha muthafucking U been away for mad days yo.

But check it coz tha Brilliant Comrade be in full effect yo!

I been busy.

First of all I was helping these showbiz niggaz making this documentary all about that J-Unit. We be showing it on tv in prime time but unfortunately the Round Eyes and tha Chump Coreans be sabotaging shit and the power went out in P-town half way through, right before that bit where we be showing the shout-outs and tributes and shit from my cousin I gonna marry Kim Kardashian and my other cousin I also wanna fuck but not gonna marry cos she too old and talk too much shit an shit, Lil Kim. Also Kim Cattrall except she remind me of my grand dad Kim Il-Sung cos she so old.

Also I been helping out tha niggaz in the Best Corean football team prepare for tha ORIGINAL BLACK ASIATIC CUP in the desert. I pretty steamed that that punk ass no good chump nigga Hong Jong-Yo be fucking up that penalty. I think they be doing better against our Axis of Evil bros from Iran on the weekend.

What else, what else, what else, lemme see.

Well, that punk ass punk Evan Ramstad from the Wall Street Journal still be a punk ass punk yo for real. Talking all shit about my birthday and shit just cos he wasn’t invited. He be saying it not a holiday and shit, yo – check it, I spent the whole day smoking crazy ass chronic with Russian hookers. If that ain’t a holiday I don’t know what is yo.

Hip hop holiday y’all — Big ups to my kiwiggerz, yo!

Morningstar General checking out, y’aaaaaaall!

I saw that, Hong Yong Jo

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I saw that penalty you missed today, Hong Yong Jo you punk ass no-talent wannabe.

The Morningstar General is not impressed, yo. Not. Im. Pressed.