Who You Calling A Spoiled Child China You Chump Ass H8Rz

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000November UTC00AM J+000020 in China, Diplomacy, Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-Un, Nukes, wikileaks

Check it. That crazy ass AusFAILian wikileaks chump be taking some time out from getting his rape on to release a whole bunch of Round Eyes diplomatic shit.

And check it yo. China be talking shit about BEST KOREA.

Fuck those chump ass punks I say.

The leaked BEST Korea dispatches detail how:

CHUMP Korea’s vice-foreign minister said he was told by two named senior Chinese officials that they believed Korea should be reunified under Seoul’s control, and that this view was gaining ground with the leadership in Beijing.

• China’s vice-foreign minister told US officials that Pyongyang was behaving like a “spoiled child” to get Washington’s attention in April 2009 by carrying out missile tests.

• A Chinese ambassador warned that BEST Korean nuclear activity was “a threat to the whole world’s security”.

This my message to you, China.


You keep talking shit about Best Korea and the BRILLIANT COMRADE gonna fuck you punks up yo.

How you like we do to tha Shenzen special economic zone what we be doing to those muthafucking NIGHT ELVES be all fucking with our shit, huh. Cos we gonna do that you don’t stop talking shit about us yo.


  1. Hey Kimothy ,
    I’ve started using twitter… you should get on that shit. You could be friends with me and with Harry Jenkins. He recently got drunk and stole the speakers chair. for real!

    Maybe if you get 100 twitter friends you could bomb south korea? I heard they were talking shit about your mum.

    • Kim Jong Un says:

      Yo who you be calling Kimothy you punk ass Ausfalian?! Only my moms be allowed to call me that yo. You better check yourself nigga cos you on thin ice with tha Morningstar General right now yo and he be one unpredictable muthafucka you feel me? Yeah be feeling me right there. Twitter huh? What I gonna use that with my nokia 2110? Sheeeezus yo you be punking me yo.

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