I Wanna Give Half My Warcraft Mana To The Dead Ass Yeonpyeong Chumps

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000November UTC00AM J+000060 in Warcraft

So this morning I finally had to face my dad about that whole Yeonpyeong shelling fuck-up thing.

He pretty pretty fucking steamed yo.

He said I’s banned from playing on the military computers until further notice. That a long time yo.

But check it, I think I can make shit ok again. I be telling him I should just fess up to the fuck up and offer to compensate tha Yeonpyeong chumps that we be blowing all up and shit when I be thinking they be NIGHT ELVES all gonna come and rape us and steal our drugs and shit.

He say “compensate? with wot?”

He saying how aside from his movies and the weapons and that big ass armoured train he got that take him to China, we don’t really got shit to give no Yeonpyeong punk and anyways he want to keep all tha shit we got and we don’t wanna be looking like we did something wrong. He say stick to tha story that we be fired on first and be defending tha muthaland from running dog lackeys.

And I say “it was NIGHT ELVES, yo, not running dogs, but not even that. actually”

He just sigh and tell me to go away but I say I got a better idea. We might not be in tha cash right now, but soon I will be when my shit hit wax up at tha nuclear recording studio I be building in YOngbyon and also what I got lots of be MANA.

He like “wtf yo?”

And I say it this magic shit in Warcraft. He just shake his head but I say, check it, what we gotta do is say that tha BRILLIANT COMRADE be all sorry for his fucking up shit and to prove he one sorry ass nigga, tha J-UNIT be willing to donate a whole HALF his warcraft mana to tha families of tha Yeonpyeong chumps we be blowing up. How that yo?

He didn’t say nothing, he just look out the window.

I say “wot if I say that I also be donating five percent of the revenue from my first album when that joint hit tha stands to tha victims too? that joint gonna be cash yo punks aint never gonna heard no shit be dope as that shit I be dropping when I be dropping that dope ass shit yo.”

He tell me to leave him alone and get back to tha purges or sumthing useful.

I think that mean he gonna think about it.


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