I’m Sorry Kim Tae-Young. I Kinda Know How You Be Feeling

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000November UTC03AM J+000053 in Uncategorized

Tha J-UNIT be one sorry ass muthafucka yo.

Y’all feelin me on this shit? I want y’all to be feelin me real good on this shit yo.

I esplained tha other day how that whole Yeonpyeong Island attack bidness be all a mistake and shit when I be all fucked up on pills and looking at tha wrong computer screen and thinking that we be getting attacked by NIGHT ELVES and shit. And even though that crazy Round Eye bitch Sarah Palin got tha BRILLIANT COMRADE’s back and shit, I still be feeling bad about that fuck up what I be fucking all up.

And now some punk ass nigga down in Chump Corea gone and lost his job because of it:

Two days after the BEST Korean artillery attack, heads began rolling down in the government of CHUMP Korea and the first one was Defense Minister Kim Tae-young, who resigned on Thursday taking responsibility for the country’s PUSSY ASS response.

Don’t get me wrong, y’all, tha BC got no luv for CHUMP COREA yo. Except for those bitches in that band KARA and SSND, yo. But I still feel bad about what happened.

Check it, back when tha 4 STAR G be old skoolin it back at school in Switzerland I be working after school at this KFC joint. Except one day I be falling asleep at work cos I be up all tha night before playing Super Mario Brothers with my brother Jong-Chul. I be waking up smelling all this smoke and shit. I left tha deep fryer on and shit be getting mad hot and all smoking and shit.

Then tha napkins be catching fire.

To cut a long ass story short, tha J to tha K to tha muthafucking U not be lasting long at the Melchenbühl K to tha F to tha muthafucking C after that. So I be feeling this niggaz pain yo.

So check it. My Yongbyon Nuclear Studio joint be up and running soon. And tha BC be going to need mad security to be stopping all tha bitches and chump ass wannabes from overrunning tha place when tha J-UNIT start dropping his shit on wax up in that pad yo.

So this my offer, Kim Tae-Young: Come work security for me then we be evens yo.


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