Sorry Yeonpyeong – I Thought You Was Azeroth Night Elves

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000November UTC01AM J+000031 in Uncategorized

Just when tha BRILLIANT COMRADE be thinkin that things can’t be no more fucked up than they is already, things be getting even fucked upper, yo.

Everyone be up in tha J-UNIT’s shit now cos of what we be doing down on that Chump Corean island called Yeonpyeong.

We be all shelling them and shit and burning down some houses and blowing up some soldiers and shit, sure, but check it – it was all a MISTAKE, yo.

Tha J-UNIT be back at home in the D to tha P to tha R to tha muthafucking K trying to keep tha Round Eyes from being all up in my shit at my pad Yongbyon where I be building my recording studio. Studio cash, yo. I be so stressed out that I be relaxing with a lil game of Warcraft, yo. And taking some pills I bought off this guy at Luton airport when I was on my way down to Gwangju to fuck up those so-called artists who be dissing my WoW shit.

So shit be looking a little too real to tha 4 STAR G if y’all be feelin me on this one, yo. I be seeing all these muthafucking NIGHT ELVES be all swarming and shit over this island to tha south, and so I be screaming that we gotta fuck those punk ass night elves all UP, yo. And, well, that be what tha soldiers be doing, yo.

I think they all a bit too eager to show they got mad luv for tha BC on account of all the traitor ass punks that I be purging right now. So when tha BC say “FUCK THOSE NIGHT ELVES UP, YO!” and be pointing at the wrong monitor that not be my WoW game, but actually be some surveillance satellite map of Yeonpyeong, well, that be when tha J to tha K to tha muthafucking U be getting into even deeper shit than what I already been in.

I ain’t been able to talk to dad about it yet, yo. The media covered it all up pretty good saying it be tha Chump Coreans that be firing at us first and shit, but I don’t think everyone be believing us.

I think I’m in the shit big time, yo. It’s gonna take something pretty fucking major for me to get my dad to trust me with tha country after this.

Still, on the up side, all the Round Eyes looking at Yeonpyeong has given me a chance to flush all tha drugs I be stashing up at my pad in Yongbyon. That joint so fucking cash, yo. Not even Dre be having a studio that fucking cash.

L to tha 8R fagz.


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