Everything Be Turning To Shit, Yo

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000November UTC05AM J+000025 in Uncategorized

The BC in big trouble, yo…

Y’all know that some Round Eyes be punkin around tha muthaland getting all up in our shit, rite?

Well they be back at Yongbyon, yo. That where I building my recording studio.

My recording studio with tha nuclear reactor.

Shit is cash, yo. It be tha only recording joint in tha world that be all nuclear-powered and shit. Bitches gonna be flocking to it to come check it out and tha banging joints that tha J-UNIT be dropping on wax there, yo.

Not even Dre got a joint as cash as my pad, yo.

But now tha Round Eyes be saying it a crisis and shit and they gonna get tha UN involved and shit and the Chump Coreans be saying that they gonna get some nukes of they own.

And my dad called me back from my holidays, yo.

Man I was having a great time in Chump Corea. Chump Corea night clubs are much better than even tha best clubs in Pyongyang. They don’t have to close when the electricity goes out at 6pm. In fact, the electricity don’t ever seem to go out. Not even when I be playing Warcraft for like 20 hours a day, yo. And tha Chump Corea bitchez be all over tha ORIGINAL BLACK ASIATIC MAN, yo.

But dad be all like “you say this your shit, so come sort it out, yo”.

Oh man he gonna be mad I know. He might not let me keep purging all those punk ass faggits that I be purging who be all talking smack about tha BC, yo. He may be listening to them when they be saying that I be all unstables and shit and shouldn’t be in charge of shit no more.

Man fuck those chumps be all talking smack about tha BRILLIANT COMRADE, yo. If they so patriotic and shit then we see how much they like serving tha nation from tha bottom of a coal mine, yo.

I’ll check in wit you niggaz later, yo. The J-UNIT he got some thinking to do.


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