Yo, DJ MocKracy – Tha Brilliant Comrade Need A Raincheck, Yo

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000November UTC06AM J+000066 in Uncategorized

That J-UNIT be the first to admit when he fucked up, yo.

And fuck-up be what tha 4 STAR G be doing.

Check it, I was supposed to be meeting with this nigga go by tha handle DJ MocKracy for a freestyle rap comp at the Doota Mall at noon, yo.

This be all after tha nigga be pussying out of a earlier comp down in Gwangju. Then he be acting all smart on the internetz and shit about how he be being all there and shit when really he be nowhere, yo – though I be thinking he down in AusFAILia, yo.

My homies be all like ‘fuck that nigga, yo, he just some punk be all punkin’ on you and shit, BC; you too good for some chump ass punk, yo.’

But I be giving that nigga tha benefit of the doubt, yo.

But check it. I been up all night playing Star Craft II and watching pornos in my love motel, yo.

So I slept in.

When I be waking up, it already a quarter to 12. I got lost on the blue line of the subway getting to Doota, yo, because all these bitches be wanting to talk with me a checking out me styling tha Kim Il-Sung doo and Magneto tracksuit, yo. I be telling them that they be my two favorite niggas in tha world, yo, because they be being two niggas that you ain’t gonna fuck wit, yo.

So by tha time I be getting to Doota – bitches in tow, yo – it be like a quarter to three.

So here it be DJ MocKracy. Blow a nigga up yo, we do this shit for real. What you say, bitch?

  1. DJ MocKracy says:

    As my peeps told your peeps, when you is serious, just be lettin your peeps tell my peeps, and we do this thang.

    In the meantime, I be watching reruns of Law & Order: SVU and downing shots of Jagermeister whenever Ice-T frowns at some punk like a badass. So I be pretty wasted right now.

  2. Deane says:

    Dear Kim Jong-Un,

    I like your blog. But please could you blog on biblical studies. The suppressed and marginalized voice of North Koreans has for too long been silenced in the interpretation of the Word of God.

    You know what I mean.


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