Man Your Ass Up, Massimiliano Gioni

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000November UTC09AM J+000059 in Uncategorized


Tha J-UNIT don’t know what to write, yo.

On tha one hand, being in Chump Corea been more fun than a hotel room full of Burmese hookers and a bag of weed.

On the other hand, I got kicked out of the Gwangju Biennale and got my screwdriver stolen.

Shit complicated, in other words.

Check it: I goes to the Biennale to see that chump ass punk Massimiliano Gioni who be not inviting me, even though my World Of Warcraft art be tha shizzle, and kick his sorry Round Eyes ass.

But am I gonna pay 14,000 won for the privlege – fuck that shit man, he should be paying me, yo.

And I be telling them this. Then all a sudden all these staff chumps in their orange t-shirts and Zelda haircuts and walkee-talkees be turning up.

They be all telling me I gotta pay and I can’t be walking around with that big ass screwdriver in my hand.

I say I’s gonna kick Gioni’s punk ass and if they be down with tha K-Pride, they all should be feeling me on this one.

That when they took my screwdriver and told me to leave the area before they call tha police.

Fuck that shit man. I’m still gonna fuck you up for what you done, Gioni. Don’t think you can hide behind your volunteers forever, you pussy ass punk. One day you gonna be making a mistake and then BAM! next thing you know it you be waking up in a North Korea coal mine, yo.

Yeah you heard me, dawg, BAM!


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