“Drunk And Unhappy”

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000October UTC11AM J+0000611 in Uncategorized

I’m gonna hit tha road real soon, yo. Train to Dandong. Ryan Jet Dandong to Ulan Bator. Ulan Bator to Riga. Riga to some fuckhole called Luton. Luton to Mallorca. Mallorca to Tenerife. Tenerife to Goa. Goa to Macao. Macao to Busan.

Fucking hell, yo. 42 hours on Ryan Air. At least I can stock up on those smoke-free cigarettes they be selling.

Then I got two asses to be kicking in Gwangju. Massimiliano Gioni and some punk ass wannabe b-boy, then I’s up to Seoul to fuck up the Choson Ilbo for all that shit they saying about my porno, yo.

But first. Check it:

American soldier Charles Jenkins defected to North Korea in 1965, a decision he now describes as “the biggest mistake I ever made”. Jenkins, now 70, made the transition in 1965 when, drunk and unhappy, he crossed over from his post on the border. His Japanese wife, who had been abducted, was allowed to return home, but Jenkins was not. After considerable media attention the couple were reunited in 2004. They now live in Japan with their children.

Ha. Man. I spent like most of my adult life being all “drunk and unhappy” and shit. And I fucked up more’n my share of tha time, yo. But I ain’t never done nothing so dumb as to defect to North Korea, yo. I mean even if I wasn’t already up in this muthafucka, I mean.

Anyways, later bitchez.

And look out, Massimiliano Gioni, look out you punk…

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  2. Kim Jong Un says:

    Yo thanks for the info, Barby. If tha 4 STAR G ever make it to Israel, he be sure to be getting his consentual rape on wit your girls. Yo. Wait. Ain’t Israel that fat dude from Fiji or whatever, be all playing the ukulele and shit? Tha BRILLIANT COMRADE ain’t into that shit, yo. That be funk tha J-UNIT just can’t dance to, you feeling me?

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