Fuck This H8R- Everyone Know Facebook For Chumps

Posted: 2010EPMR +0000October UTC19PM J+0000219 in Facebook, haters, MySpace

Yo, fuck this punk ass chump impersonating tha 4 STAR G on Facebook,


That ain’t me. Everyone know that ain’t me, yo.

You know how we all know that ain’t me, yo?

Cos no way would the K to tha J to tha muthafucking U be on Facebook, yo.

Except to join just now to report that beeyatch for defaming me. Hater – you gonna get no where with your hating you hater ass punk.


Facebook can suck my dick, yo. And that autistic fuck what be inventing it that they be making that movie all about. He can suck my dick too, yo. Fuck that shit.

MySpace tha J-Unit’s party, yo.

Check it. Where tha strippers on Facebook?

Where my DJs at? Where my wannabe gangstas and rappers and b-boys be all at up in that muthafucker, yo?

Facebook for chumps.

And Mister “http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kim-Jong-un/74400916361” nigga, you can suck my dick.


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