Fuck You, Ausfalia – We Stylin’ All Over You Chumps

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000October UTC09AM J+000019 in Ausfalia, China, soccer, South Korea, weed
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Ch-ch-ch-check it out, y’all.

Master Race 3 – Ausfalia 2

All you Round Eyes can suck my dick. Real Korea be stylin’ all over you chumps.

We be the young buck soccer champions of Asia, yo.







Fuck you Chump Corea – 2-0 you fake ass wannabes. Fuck you, China – 2-0 as well you losers. Fuck you Iraq, you play football worse than you fight the Yankees, yo. 3-0 you chumps.

And you know what? They couldn’t have done it without the 4 STAR G y’all.

Check it. We all know how the Old Man used an invisible phone to talk to tha playas at the South Africa World Cup, rite? And how those chumps stopped listening about 60 minutes into that game against Brazil.

Well guess who was on the invisible phone for the Under-19s, yo?

That’s right, tha J-Unit be tactically directing and inspiring our young niggas out on tha park. For real. I told Jong Il-Gwan to score those three goals. He my nigga, yo. And I told those chumps to fucking take out the kneecaps of those sandnigga Ausfalian playas Kerem Bulut and Mustafa Amini that be fucking with our shit. They didn’t do that and that be why it was 3-2 win, not the 3-0 win I told them to do.

But it’s all good, y’all.

Now I gotta organize tha party to welcome those niggas back, yo. I think we gonna cause a global hooker and weed shortage, yo. It gonna be epic wild, yo.

Mad props to the invisible cell phone, y’all!

Big love to Real Korea styling over chumps, y’all!


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