If I Get 1000 Friends On MySpace By November 12, I’m Gonna Nuke The G20 Summit In Seoul!! ROFLMFAO!!

Posted: 2010EPMR +0000October UTC15PM J+0000415 in Ausfalia, Diplomacy, DPRK, G20 Seoul, Kim Jong-Un, Kim Kardashian, North Korea, Nukes, sandnigga, South Korea

Yo, check it.

Guess what those pussy ass southerners are doing next month?

That’s right, they be hosting tha G20 summit in Seoul. That’s tha meeting of the leaders of the 19 wealthiest and most influential playas in tha world.

Plus Ausfalia.

Guess who ain’t invited, yo?

That’s right, the Fresh Prince of Pyongyang.

And that be suiting me just fine, yo. Fuck those chump ass Mexican Koreans and fuck all y’all Round Eyes chumps. Your parties suck ass, man. I be hearing there gonna be a half a million cops there, yo. Man, fuck tha police, yo. You can’t party with a half million pigs on your case. Fuck that shit, amirite?

I got a better idea, yo.

How about I just nuke those chumps?

Fuck you Obama, you’ve fucked with my shit one too many times. Fuck you, Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People’s Bank of China. I’ll teach you to deny me an overdraft the night before a big ass date with four Cambodian hookers. Fuck you, Geithner you sanction-loving punk ass nerd, enjoy 20 million mega-tonnes you fag.

And fuck you, Saudi Finance Minister Ibrahim bin Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Assaf, I know you been telling Kim Kardashian not to return my calls. And I know Saud al-Faisal been telling her not to friend me on MySpace – you think you can get away with that you fucking sandnigga punk? I know You hairy ass sandniggaz are all in it together. Fuck all y’all, yo.

Quit getting in the way of me fucking my cousin Kim Kardashian, you Saudi punks!!!

So check it. If I get 1000 friends hit me up on MySpace by November 12 when that punk ass meeting be starting, yo, I’m gonna nuke that joint all to shit.

Word be bond, y’all. Tha J-Unit be for reals.

So add me, bitches!


  1. I suspect the good people at urlai.com saw you had a myspace and decided you were a 15yo girl… come join the big boys on friendster!

  2. lilkimjongun says:

    Friendster? Friendster just for us bugs, yo. Tha J-Unit got made love for tha master race but I gotta give my props to tha Round Eyes. That means MySpace, yo.

    There also ain’t enough rappers and stripper and DJs on Friendster. MySpace tha Fresh Prince’s party, yo.

    But check it: http://profiles.friendster.com/122745965

  3. […] If I Get 1000 Friends On MySpace By November 12, I’m Gonna Nuke The G20 Summit In Seoul!!&nbsp… […]

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