Help A Brother Out, Yo – Is This Space Shit For Real?

Posted: 2010EPMR +0000October UTC14PM J+0000114 in DPRK, Kim Jong-Un, Korean Workers Party, North Korea, North Korean Propaganda, Nukes, Parades, sandnigga, Space, weed

Help a brother out here, y’all. I be hella fucked up over this shit right here.

Check it. I want all y’all to scope this video of the punk ass parade I had to sit my bored ass through the other day. You be see my styling up there with the old man looking all bored and shit, but that ain’t what I want you to focus on, yo. Check it. Go to 1 minute and 4 seconds in, yo. Tell me what you see.

At the time, I be thinking I’s seeing some skinny ass kids dressed as astronauts or space men or some shit doing some punk ass b-boy routine.

But I was also pretty fucking blunted.

In the morning me and Choe be smoking the last of that major chronic we be swapping nucelar technology with the sandniggaz from Afgahnistan for. We also split one of those horse tranqs we got from Choe’s boy Cougar or Pantha or whatever that crazy ass nigga be called.

So I don’t know what I was fucking seeing, yo.

Help a nigga out, yo. Lemme know what you be seeing there, yo.

  1. Mr Invisible says:

    I tell you who they be.

    They be a highly-trained, top-secret ninja recon team sent in to scope that shit out down in the DPRK.

    You think you got it all under control. You think it’s just gonna be a smooth transition of power once your old man clutches at his chest for the last time. You think then you’re gonna be free to get all up in the face of the UN and the free market and shit.

    Well don’t be too sure of that, big guy. Those little space spys have lived fu-jitsu from the womb; they is small and fast enough to sneak into crevices you didn’t even know you had; and with those hi-tech aerials waving on their noggins, they is receiving orders from us interested parties at download speeds well in excess of 4.8kbps.

    And we is using your punk-arse satellites, too.

    They is there to help us make sure nothing gonna happens unless we want that shit to happen.

    Sure, your slanty eyes might have been sharp enough to recognise that something was amiss as they infiltrated the 65th anniversary celebrations of your stratified and swervist Korean Workers Party, and you might have been canny enough to put the call out for brand recognition on the internets, but you was too stoned on that mad Arabian hash we been spiking to work out who they be before they could disappear into the alleyways of Pyongyang.

    And now they is long gone. We is watching you now, Jong-Un. We has seven little space eyes on your fat arse. Watch yo back.

  2. lilkimjongun says:

    Nigga, you trying to punk me?? It ain’t gonna work though. You gotta get up pretty muthafucking early you wanna punk a graduate of the Kim Il-Sung Military Academy, yo. I sorted all that space shit out it ain’t nothing like you said. It all about a juche-orientated scientific expidition to proclaim tha glory of the Dear Leader on the outer spheres, yo.

    Also, don’t be calling us slanty eyed. You disrespect tha master race and we gonna fuck you up. Also, dad said as soon as he could arrange to kidnap a proper cosmetic surgeon from the south he gonna pay for my eyelids to get done so fuck you.

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