How You Like Reserves Team Fagball In The Swiss Second Division Cha Jong-Hyok You Punk?

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While I been chillaxing after the DPR muthafucking K’s show of strength, I been bugged by this question ain’t no one answered for me yet. Check it, what tha J-Unit wanna know be:

How you like reserves team fagball in the Swiss second division, Cha Jong-Hyok you punk?

Lemme take y’all back a bit.

Cha be the right-back in the DRRK’s World Cup Fucking-Up soccer team.

They basically all chumps that discgraced tha muthaland and can suck tha Fresh Prince’s dick as far as tha Fresh Prince be concerned, but not everyone be agreeing with my opinion.

Some Swiss niggas from this team in the Swiss second division called FC Wil be hollering at us saying they want Cha to go play for them.

At the time, my homey Major Choe was working in the Ministry of Sport, because that comes under the supervision of the 3rd Armoured Infantry Division where he spent most of his career that he hasn’t spent in his own stoner ass dream world, so he knew all about this shit and how that shit came about.

When the Swiss holler come, the immediate response was, fuck it, we don’t want that chump ass nigga, you can take all those chump ass niggaz that aren’t Jong Tae-Se. For real, I got mad love for that nigga, yo, we play Star Craft II and WoW together all the time.

But then it be going to the Field Marshall and he not so keen. Thing is, Master Race nigga goes to Switzerland, it ain’t just him be going. We be sending like 5 or 6 other niggaz to keep and eye on that nigga make sure he don’t try to sell-out tha motherland to the Round Eye niggaz, you feel me?

Some niggaz just can’t be trusted, like that punk ass traitor Hwang Jang-Yop. We had to send that nigga a crazy ass hooker wanna be bouncy-bouncy all tha fucking time. It took like 3 months but finally she gave that 90 year old peanut a heart attack. We spent way too much money on that escapade, yo. Hwang got some stamina; I sure hope I still fucking that much when I’m 90. In the end, she had to stick this cattle prod up his ass to make the old guy quit it.

Anyway, this be mostly why we lovin’ on the J to tha T to tha muthafucking Se, you see? He lovin’ on Real Corea tha way only a nigga be living in Japan can be lovin’ on this joint, yo.

And the Field Marshall say that we can do that shit for sure if tha nigga gonna go somewhere that’s gonna bring in mad cash and props for the muthaland. Some place like Portsmouth, yo. FC Wil ain’t gonna bring tha muthaland shit, dawg.

But Choe, he a pussy ass nigga sometimes – and I be saying that out of non-fag luv, y’all, much as I got mad non-fag luv for all my Choson fagz, yo – and he be talking with Cha and goes to the Field Marshall to get him to reconsider.

Choe say that FC Wil ain’t so bad a place, they won a Swiss championship. Says the Swiss all neutral and shit, too. Says they be educatin’ me and my fat ass brother so they ain’t got no grudge against the Master Race, and even says that the Grandaddy of the DPR muthafucking K, John Lennon, he went and chillaxed in Switzerland when niggaz wanting to be icing his ass. Also says since there be a Master Race nigga already there, we can put them in the same apartment and use what niggaz we already got over there.

So the Field Marshall say ok and Cha goes to Wil. And Cha can’t get a fucking game at Wil. And, once again, Cha be disgracing tha muthaland with his chump ass fagball skillz.

And Choe gets demoted to tha position of military attache to tha Morningstar General for that fuck up.

Which brings us to today.

And my question:

How you like reserves team fagball in the Swiss second division Cha Jong-Hyok, you punk?

How you like fucking your muthaland in tha ass when we all go out on a limb for you, you punk?

O you a big man when you grinding out some boring ass no score draw against fucking Bhutan or Bangladesh or some penalty time win against Turkmenistan or some other make-belive shit hole, but when it comes to the second division of the Swiss league, you just a punk, Cha Jong-Hyok.

Nigga, you just a punk.


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