I Ain’t Gonna Wait Forever, Kim Kardashian

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000October UTC11AM J+0000111 in bitches, Diplomacy, food, Kim Jong-Un, Kim Kardashian, MySpace, North Korea

You know tha 4 STAR G, yo.

He be all love and giving all the time.

Like my big ups the other day to my choson fagz.

But when tha J-Unit gonna get some love back, yo?

I be sick of fucking skinny ass hookers all tha time, yo.

It time for a deep and meaningful relationship between equals.

Yeah, I’s talking about you, Kim Kardashian.

What tha fuck, bitch?

You don’t return my calls or my letters.

And now you won’t even add me on MySpace?

What tha fuck, yo?

Who be all defending you when Wolfowitz saying you just a fat ass mud shark, yo?

We be pulling out of the 6 party talks over that disrespeck to tha Kim family, yo.

And bitch, where tha love back?

I been suppoting you when no one be supporting you, yo. We’s family, bitch.

I made every muthafucka in my class at Kim Il-Sung Military College buy a copy of that romantic comedy movie you made with Ray J.

I fucking made them, yo.

Some of those niggas be all like, “but it cost 2 months wages, yo”. But I fucking made them.

One nigga I sent to the coal mines when I caught him trying to download that joint illegally off the internet.

I even bought those chump ass salads you be advertising. We used half our foreign currency reserves on the delivery charges, yo.

But what a cousin for be what I’m asking?

So where the fucking love, yo?

Bitch, I can wait.

But check it: I ain’t gonna wait forever, yo.

  1. Kim Gyngell says:

    On behalf of the rest of your extended family, why you so racist? There’s more to the world than that attention-seeking slapper. Kims everywhere are just waiting for a wink from the Morningstiffy. You ain’t got no love for hooker, policewoman, animal liberationist and Underbelly character Kim Hollingsworth? Urban fantasy sex-kitten Kim Harrison? Cartoon crime fighter Kim Possible? Maybe a cougar threesome with Kims Basinger and Cattrall? Or you could man up and put the moves on Eminem’s ex Kim Mathers and really make your mark in hip hop history? Models Kim Smith or Kim Lee? Singers Kim Wilde, Li’l Kim or Kim Yoo Jin? Expand your palate, young prince!

  2. lilkimjongun says:

    Nigga, that some fine ass pussy right there, yo. That be what tha J-Unit be talking about right there, yo. Kim Possible. O man, tha J-Unit would hit that shit, yo. You better believe it.

    Cougars I ain’t into so much. My asshole brother Jong-Nam says he met Kim Cattrall in Macao when he was working for this casino trying to get them to make Sex and the city 2 there, not in that sandnigga country. Says she even older in real life.

    I got too much love for my round eyed nigga Eminem to fuck with his ex, yo, besides I hear she kinda fucked up and high maintenance and shit and tha J-Unit don’t need that shit in his life right now, yo.

    We in the process of kidnapping Kim Yoo Jin, though. Watch this space.

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