Haters Gonna Hate

Posted: 2010EPMR +0000October UTC14PM J+0000614 in DPRK, Fame, haters, Kim Jong-Chul, Kim Jong-Un, North Korea, Nukes, South Korea

What can a nigga say, yo?

Haters gonna hate. That all there is to it.

Jealous muthafuckas all part of the game, yo, they all part of the game for a famous G like me, you feel me?

There be some big ass haters down south in Pussy Ass Korea, y’all. Check it.

Look at those chumps hatin’ on tha Fresh Prince of Pyongyang, yo. We dress better up here in the North LOL!!!

What this punk all butthurt about, yo? I ain’t seen a nigga that upset since the time me and my brother Jong-Chul got cheated by this Jap speed dealer when we was in Tokyo this one time. Man. Tha JC so pissed he call back home and made the army shoot this rocket into the ocean to scare that punk ass dealer. Say we gonna nuke the place he ever short us on pills again, yo.

Normally I ain’t gonna be hatin’ on a nigga just for hatin’, yo. Like I said, haters part of the fame game. But at least get a niggaz name rite you gonna be hating on him, yo. That just disrespectful what they doing there.

O man. That the best they got down there, yo? Fire in a can? No wonder they be sending the Old Man all that money and food and shit as tribute, yo. Our weapons much better than some pussy ass fire in a can, yo. We got nukes and planes and submarines and shit. I feel bad for a nigga come to a rumble all he got be fire in a can, yo.

One Love, y’all

– FFP to tha 4 STAR G, y’all


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