Much Love To My Sandnigga Gamal Mubarak

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000September UTC09AM J+000039 in 2Pac, Egypt, Gamal Mubarak, joints, Kim Jong-Un, Korean Workers Party, sandnigga, Third Extraordinary Meeting of the Korean Workers Party, What Would 2Pac Do?

Wot up, niggaz? DPRKim Jong-Un comin’ at cha.

So we be chilling and waiting for the Third Extraordinary Meeting of the Korean Workers Party to get going, yo. We just hanging out rocking Star Craft with Team Kim Jong-Un and smoking up, when who be calling?

My sandnigga Gamal Mubarak, son of Big ‘Gyptian Hosni Mubarak.

Check it. Gamal be visiting this here Workers Gangsta’s Paradise a few years back when these chumpass Gyptian sandniggaz we be paying to renovate the worlds biggest and badassest hotel in Pyongyang was being dicks. They be all like “show us you got the money before we do the work, yo” and we be all like “we good for it, nigga, we good for it. Get back to work, yo.”

So Gamal, he come out here to sort that shit out, yo. Maybe explains why the hotel never got renovated, but there still be much love from the Master Race for Gamal. Nigga know how to party, know what I’m sayin’?

So Gamal be having a hard time back in Egypt with sandniggaz getting all up in his shit about taking over from his dad. He want advice, yo. So I tell him what I learned from that movie with the upside down dreams and Leo DiCaprio and Juno and shit – you gotta be your own sandnigga, yo.

If muthafuckas gonna fuck with you, you gotta lay down the law, dog. I be like, Gamal, you gotta ask yourself one thing, yo: What Would 2Pac Do?

He’d fuck those sandniggaz up, yo!

Here be some 2Pac remixed Big Pimpin’ fo’ my Big ‘Gyptian, yo.

Big love to the National Democratic Party of Egypt, yo.


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