Another Week? Aw Man.

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000September UTC09AM J+000029 in DPRK, Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-Un, Korean Workers Party, North Korea, Star Craft, Third Extraordinary Meeting of the Korean Workers Party, weed

So after sitting around doing fuck all but smoking mad blunts and stylin on Star Craft waiting for this Third Extraordinary Meeting of the Korean Workers Party to get going so I can be named Choson Nigga Number 1, yo, now I gotta wait another week.

Fuck this shit, man.

This is some fucked up shit right here.

I mean, yeah, ok, we technically put the Old Man in the hospital but Major Choe says that his boss said that the Central Committee Under-Secretary said that he’s fine now. He still don’t want to see me, but I figure that’s cos he wants me to be my own man, yo.

Like in that movie, Interception. Choe brought that muthafucka back from Macao on DVD. We never saw the end because the guy filming it got kicked out of the movie theater, and we were too fucked up to really follow what was happening with all that upside down shit making me all sick and shit, but I got the message. Be your own man, J-Unit.

For Real.

So most of us are just going back to our regular lives for a week or so until this meeting be on for real. That’s what I gotta do, too, yo.

I gotta grab some pizza and then Team Kim Jong-Un is getting together for the first time in like 2 weeks for a major-ass Star Craft session.

Check ya l8r.

Peace out.

– J-Unit.


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