The J-Unit be bored, yo.

We all be sitting around waiting for this Third Extraordinary Meeting of the Korean Workers Party to get going. But that means we gotta wait for the Old Man to get off his ass and out of the hospital that we put him in the other day.

Meantime we’s just chilling. Army guys gave us these old ’90s style pagers, yo, and we be told that we be told when this muthafucka be on. But we also told we can’t go more than 300 meters from the hall or else the pagers won’t work.

Sucks for real, I know.

So me and Major Choe we be meeting up with this friend of his who work in the Central Committee’s Propaganda Department. His name be Cougar. I be like, “why they call you that, yo?” and he be like, “why they call you Morningstar General, yo?” And I be needing to think on that one. I say, “near as I can tell, they call me that because some muthafucka in the Propaganda Department thought it sounded cool.” And he just grins like some crazy muthafucka.

He living in this old fucked up Chinese army jeep. He says his bitch threw him out. No way that would happen to me, yo. He smoke a lot of weed, too. I think that explains a lot of the shit I see on those posters and shit. We wanted to take some bitches back there but Choe said we shouldn’t.

So what a nigga to do, yo? Waiting. Waiting. This waiting shit be fucked.

This be my joint, though: Much love in the Party for the Ol Dirty Bastard, yo.


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