I’m Gonna Fuck You Up, Gwangju Biennale

Posted: 2010EAMR +0000September UTC10AM J+0000310 in art, computers, DPRK, Gwangju, Kim Jong-Un, North Korea, South Korea, Star Craft, Warcraft

I’m pretty fucking steamed right now, yo.

I just heard back from those punkass southern fucks at the Gwangju Biennale.

They rejected my Warcraft art.

Fucking assholes. I fucking worked forever on that shit, dog.

Shit is cash.

You should see my fucking elf bitches man. They are so fucking hot.

Those faggot asshole said that the Biennale was “invitation only”.

LOL, rite? Its like those fucks never heard of the J-Unit.

I’m like, I’m gonna ring this punk in charge, Massimiliano Gioni, and let him know that you don’t say no to the J-Unit. Cos the J-Unit, he gonna fuck you up, dawg.  But that lame ass Major Choe who’s all up in my shit ALL THE FUCKING TIME is all like “nah, man”. Says the old man wouldn’t like that. Says there be “channels” and shit we gotta take this shit through.

I’m like, fuck that shit, man. We should just do our own biennale. He says that be too much work and I’m like, fuck you you lazyass stoner bitch. I’m gonna do that. Pyongyang Biennale will be the fucking shizzle, man.

They don’t even have any proper artists at that fucking Gwangju thing, either. Also, no REAL Choson niggas just those southern pussyasses and round-eyes.

Can fucking Gustav Metzger draw a really fucking hot elf bitch killing an orc with a big ass +8 elven sword?

Has ANYONE ever heard of some punk called Bruce Nauman? I’ve been doing art for fucking ages man and I ain’t ever heard of any of those punks they got down there. Not just Warcraft shit, too, but Star Craft and all sorts of shit.

None of those punkasses even have have a deviantart account from what I can see. They’re just nobodies man. Unless they do that slash art shit. Man that’s fucked up. Who wants to see like two elf dudes hitting it? That’s fucked up man.

So that’s what I’m gonna do when I take over September 9.

Set up a Pyongyang Biennale. We’ll have one every year.

And I’m gonna fuck up Massimiliano Gioni and all those Gwangju bitches real bad.

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