My Niggaz

Posted: 2010EPMR +0000August UTC15PM J+0000415 in 2Pac, Communism, Dead ass niggaz, DPRK, Kim Jong-Un, Niggaz, North Korea, Star Craft

These are my niggaz right here.

Fuck Jong-Nam and Jong-Chul.

Pussy asses.

I wanna party with these hardass niggaz.

Man, if these muthafuckas were on my Star Craft II team we would fucking dominate.

Bitches love that shit, man.

And you know what else, dawg? No UN mothafuckas ever fucked with these hardass nigga muthafuckas neither, man.

Yeah. These are my niggaz right here.

Also 2Pac.

Big love to my deadass nigga 2Pac. For Real.


– Jong-un

  1. Da_buk_han~ says:

    Word like a mother fucker!! Dude…you gotta let me get in up there so I can open a juicy bar!! Juicy bitches from da North!!

  2. lilkimjongun says:

    Yea man. They hot these realass Choson bitches, but skinny, maaaan. I ain’t into that skinny ass bitches so much, man. You Seen Kim Kardashian? Maaan I would hit that shit so hard man. If she weren’t my cousin I mean. We need more juicy birches like that. For real. Check back after Sep 9, bro. I be running the place then, yo.

    Peace out. J-UNIT

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